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When asked about fuel costs every boater shares the same thoughts; how can I reduce the fuel my boat uses and can my engine produce less toxic emissions.

Well, here’s one product that addresses those issues.  Created using nano technology, AquoFusion is a mixture of highly concentrated, natural liquid hydrocarbon elements that you add directly into your fuel tank to improve engine performance and efficiency. It works with all types of marine fuels, both diesel and gasoline, and contains no alcohol. Developed and tested over a three years AquoFusion works by modifying hydrocarbons in the fuel, facilitating their reaction with oxygen molecules. The result is increased overall engine performance, extended engine life and reduced emissions.  In addition to improving fuel economy, other benefits include: maximizing power, eliminates spark knock and detonation from improper fuel combustion, lubricates and protects the entire fuel and combustion systems, stabilizes fuel during extended periods of storage and reduces dangerous emissions for a cleaner and safer environment.  One bottle can treat 400 gallons of fuel.

Visit www.aquofusion.com to learn more.

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