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Deterring Boat and Personal Watercraft Theft

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boat theft 1Trailered boats and personal watercraft (PWC) are designed to be mobile, so how do you protect yours from theft during the off-season? The best way to secure a portable possession is probably inside a guarded storage facility, but short of that, we suggest the following tips to make your trailer and boat/PWC less attractive — and accessible — to a thief:

  •   Remove all portable equipment and gear and store separately.
  •   Detach the license plate from the trailer.
  •   Permanently mark or engrave PWC, boat, trailer, and non-removable equipment and electronics with unique identifying information.
  •   Shrink wrap or otherwise cover the boat or PWC snugly.
  •   Store in a backyard with a locked gate; if the trailer and vessel must remain in front, park in the driveway and position another vehicle in front.
  •   Face trailer hitch away from the street.
  •  Remove one trailer wheel and            the tongue/hitch.
  •  Securely chain and lock the boat/PWC and trailer to a tree or secured fence post.
  •  Install a bright motion-detecting light that focuses on the boat/PWC.
  •  Connect an alarm system that wails throughout the neighborhood and immediately alerts you via cellphone.


Even though you take every possible anti-theft precaution, you must still maintain adequate insurance year-round. Snap photos of the boat or PWC and trailer from all angles, and make a list of all non-removable electronics and equipment, including models and serial numbers. Include the photos and the list in your insurance policy folder.

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