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Don’t Do What I Did

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dont do what i did

Up until a few years ago, my only fishing experience had been as a child. Bamboo pole in hand at a local pond, I was having fun until my brother hooked his finger. An afternoon in the emergency room convinced me that fishing was not for the faint of heart. “Gone fishing” just never had the same ring as “gone shopping,” so it was many years before I picked up a rod again.

Sitting on the bow of our boat with my husband and children, I decided to give fishing another try. After dangling the worm in my face just to make me squirm, they baited the hook for me and there I sat for the rest of the spring afternoon, wine glass in one hand, fishing rod in the other. The kids lost interest, my husband started tinkering with something in the cabin, and I was left in blissful solitude. I knew the big one would be swimming by at any moment, so I waited patiently for its arrival. I felt totally relaxed and unconcerned, even as my efforts resulted only in snagging a branch drifting past. Later that afternoon, with my dream of a fish dinner fading fast, my husband came to check on me. I told him that I had enjoyed myself immensely; however, I had found the experience quite inconvenient, as I didn’t have any place to rest my fishing pole while I refilled my wine glass!

Several months later, as the family gathered around the tree on Christmas morning, my husband told me I had to keep one of my gifts aside for last. He insisted it was something I would absolutely love! I looked at the oddly shaped package and wondered what it could possibly be. The kids gathered around, anxious to see my reaction, and after all the hype, it was finally time for me to open the gift. My great anticipation soon turned to bewilderment, and quickly thereafter to pure dismay. The present I was sure to adore? It was a pair of stainless steel fishing rod holders!

I was speechless. My husband, oblivious to my reaction, glibly boasted about what a great buy he had obtained on these holders. After all, they were stainless steel, so at 50% off, he had scored quite the bargain! He reminded me how much I had loved fishing, and now it would be better, as I had a place to put my fishing rod.

I do not know why I was so surprised by my spouse’s gift. After all, this was the same man that put a fridge on the bridge, ostensibly for me, so I wouldn’t have to keep carrying food and drinks up and down as I served everyone else. His thoughtfulness obviously knows no bounds.

Since receiving that stainless steel token of my husband’s affection, I do not mention any improvements he can make to the boat while we’re spending the day on the water. Frankly, I’m afraid that for Mother’s Day, my birthday, or our anniversary, I’ll end up with a new handheld radio or a designer life vest!

By Yvette Hayes

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