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Easy Maintenance

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Easy MaintenanceFlushing out your outboard engine is a great way to extend the engine’s life.  Flushing the engine with fresh water is as simple as attaching a garden hose to a flush-out kit, slipping the kit onto the lower unit where the water pickup is located, turning on the water, and starting the engine (keep the engine in neutral).  Flush out the salt water for several minutes.

While the engine is running, check to see the flow of the water being pumped out. If the stream is weak or non-existent, the water pump may not be operating properly, or there may be a blockage in the outflow tube.  While this may not result in overheating the engine while idling, it could overheat at operating speed. Also carefully feel the water being pumped out — it should be warm but not too hot.  If it feels very hot, have a mechanic take a look at your engine before it overheats.

Take a few minutes to inspect the fuel line and primer bulb for cracks and leaks, and make sure all fuel line connections from the tank to the engine are secure. Inspect the fuel tank vent to make sure it is not clogged. You should be able to feel air passing out of it as you fuel up — one sure sign of a blocked vent is difficulty in fueling up. Finally, replace the engine’s fuel water separator filter (this should be done annually).

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