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Easy Maintenance

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Easy MaintenanceDoes your boat have BO (boat odor)?It’s most likely coming from the bilge.

The bilge collects everything dropped, dripped, and spilled on the boat.  If your boat’s bilge has been neglected, pouring bilge cleaner in and closing the hatch may not fully resolve the issue.  You’ll need to roll up your sleeves, remove all the debris, and then scrub the bilge.  Rinse with hot water, and if necessary, repeat the process until the inside of the bilge is thoroughly clean.

There are lots of environmentally safe products that are good at degreasing and eliminating odors. Not only is cleaning the bilge important, but if done routinely, it should become an easily accomplished and quick fix.

If elbow grease and the proper products don’t eliminate the BO, check to see if the vent hose from the holding tank is compromised or if the fitting needs to be tightened.  Should the odor become markedly stinkier after the holding tank is pumped out, you may need to replace the hose from the holding tank to the outside pumpout fitting (this is a common issue for older boats). Determine the correct length of hose you need, then ensure that the holding tank is empty before removing the old hose. While most of the hose is visible and simple to snake into place, there may be sectionswhere it connects to the topside pumpout fitting that may prevent access until you remove parts of the boat’s interioras well as the topside fitting. Clamp the new hose in place at both ends and replace any interior and fittings you had to remove to snake the hose to the pumpout fitting end.


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