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Easy Maintenance

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easy maintenance 2

I recently upgraded some of the electronics on the boat and started to notice voltage issues when all the equipment was turned on. Looking at the bird’s nest of wiring that I’ve been creating as I’ve added additional equipment over the past two decades, I thought the best thing to do was to remove all previously installed wiring and start fresh.

I disconnected all positive and negative wires from each piece of equipment and then removed each piece from the bridge cabinet, clearing the way to rewire each piece of equipment. While doing this, I discovered that most of the wires were connected together with a single wire going to the positive and negative power blocks, rather than having each piece wired directly. By wiring things that way, I caused the voltage issue.

I took the positive and negative wires from each piece of equipment, trimmed them so that they were neat, and connected them to the power blocks. Once done, I placed each piece of equipment back into the cabinet and turned them all on.

Not only did that solve the voltage problem — the inside of the cabinet looked much cleaner!

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