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Editor’s Letter

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MIAMI May Cover

Temperatures rise and daylight increases throughout May as the height of summer approaches. It’s a calm, sunny month in South Florida — a perfect time to get out on the water and enjoy your boat to the fullest.

Lucky for you, we’re here to help accomplish that goal. We’re happy to start filling your boating agenda with interesting destinations throughout the area. Just picture it: The calm, blue water; the gentle lapping of the waves; a cold drink; the joy and laughter of friends while enjoying an exciting trip to a new spot. It’s all right at your fingertips.

In this issue, we share tips on staying alert and present while you’re out on the water. Safety is at the heart of the story, but it’s also about enjoying your surroundings and loving life while boating.

Using kayaks, sculls, and paddleboards is another great way to stay in the moment. And what better way to spot a sea turtle or manatee breaching the surface of the water?  Rowing and paddling are also great ways to get fit, and we’re happy to share some tips on getting out there and getting in shape.

There’s plenty of fun to be had throughout the month of May. Happy boating!

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