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Editor’s Letter

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The day dawns clear and warm. There’s nothing pressing on your agenda. So what are you doing with a day like this? Going boating, of course!

I can relate because I also go boating every chance that I can. Though I usually have a different destination each time, there’s just one reason for being out on the water: relaxation.

Life gets stressful, but boaters recognize that the remedy for whatever ails us is water; we gladly leave our stressors along the shore. Though our cares and concerns will be there when we get back, odds are they may seem a lot more manageable (or meaningless) after a restful outing or an exhilarating adventure out on the water.

At Boating Times, we know precisely how to enhance your pleasurable, stress-lessening boating experiences. Our magazine shares fun, interesting, enjoyable, and unusual Day Trippers, also giving you online routes to make trip planning hassle-free. We clue you in on water-accessible restaurants, so both the most leisurely of boating days and the action-filled ones may include a relaxing, stress-slackening dock and dine meal.

Take it from me, a relaxation devotee — we make it easy to have fun on your boat.


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