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Float A Boat

January 20, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

Every boater on the south shore of Long Island knows how easy it is to run aground. One minute you are in enough water, the next you’re not!

Imagine, no longer having to wait for the tide to come in, or a good samaritan or a towing company to get you un-grounded.

With the push of a switch, Float A Boat will lift your boat up by 6” and free it from being grounded. This compact, lightweight, portable system is easy to use. There are three parts to the system, an air pump, tubing and a pad that gets placed in the water at either side of the boat and pulled under the boat by a line attached to it. Once in place, you turn on the pump and with in a few minutes the pad inflates lifting the boat up and you are back to enjoying yourself. There’s never a need to get wet, and, it’s simple enough for any one on board to use.

Float A Boat can lift any type of boat (power or sail) that weights 15,000 pounds or less. Once the boat becomes un-grounded the system gets rolled up and stored.

Float A Boat is like the spare tire for your car, you never know when you’ll need it but it’s always there when you do!

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