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Launch a Nautical Birthday Party

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Searching for a birthday party theme? Want one that isn’t the same as everybody else’s party plan? How about a nautical-themed birthday party?

nautical birthday 3Boatloads of decorating ideas and activities abound, making a nautical party one to remember. Search popular parent and party-planning sites and you’ll find plenty of ideas for a nautical party. Some sites have step-by-step instructions on how to put together a party, ways to build a pirate ship out of cardboard, recipes, and fun ways serve food and snacks. Start with goldfish snack crackers in a fishbowl, serve sand-wiches, and end with a whale ice cream cake. Or get even more inventive!

There are websites that have printable nautical invitations and temporary tattoos.

Be creative, but don’t get too sophisticated — kids love to dream up and create crafty decorations while they build up enthusiasm and bond with you. Depending on the age of the party child, you may also be able to tie in some nautical education while decorating by demonstrating how to tie nautical knots. The knots can be placed at the end of any strings used to hang signs or flags, or can be used as decorative center pieces or napkin rings. nautical birthday 2

Kids can dress up as sea creatures, captains, or pirates. Add another level to the fun of building a cardboard ship by quizzing them on the names used on a boat and locations, including bow, stern, port, and starboard.  Then use that ship as a prop as the kids pose for a photo shoot — send the photo later on as a thank you card. (Don’t forget to send us an awesome nautical party photo — we’ll be happy to share it here!)

By Melissa McMahon

Some nautical party links to get you started!

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