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Nautical Scout

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scout image for UP CroppedNautical Scout’s goal is to create products that make transporting, storing and serving food onboard the boat more convenient and enjoyable. The company offers a new line of unique, patented collapsable products that include stove top & multi-oven cookware and galley accessories. They offer a 7 liter collapsible bucket that is purpose built for the marine environment, with non-slip, non-marking silicone sides & bottom, and a stainless steel handle. Remarkably, the bucket holds up to 40 pounds and the whole thing collapses to just under 2” in height when not in use.

Nautical Scout Collapsibles are unique because they are huge space savers – up to 70%, they are also environmentally friendly and offer both versatility and style. The company uses FDA1 approved food safe silicone, which is non- toxic, recyclable, and saves energy. Because of the insulating properties of silicone the sides of the stove top cookware allow it to heat faster and stay warm longer providing 25-50% energy savings over conventional cookware.

They are versatile because the full cookware range works on the 3 most common onboard heat sources: induction, electric, and gas2 while the multi oven line works in a microwave, conventional and convection oven.
The multi oven collection, which are dishwasher and microwave safe, goes from freezer to oven, and when ready can be collapsed into a serving tray, then back to refrigerator for storage all in an elegantly designed French-style container.
All Nautical Scout products are perfect for recreational boating, RV, and other outdoor activities but are useful wherever space is limited. Visit www.nauticalscout.com for more information.

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