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NAVTOOL Terms Hillsboro to Jungle Island

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Please review the NAVTOOL MARINE ROUTE MAPPING SOFTWARE terms to continue:


Do not enter or utilize the marine route-mapping data while craft is in motion. NAVTOOL MARINE ROUTE- MAPPING CHARTS AND DIRECTIONS are for use by experienced maritime operators only and are meant to supplement and not replace conventional navigational instruments, maps and charts. NAVTOOL MARINE ROUTE- MAPPING CHARTS AND DIRECTIONS do not contain all of the information necessary for safe marine navigation.

Operators are solely responsible for the safe operation of their vessels, and must never rely upon NAVTOOL MARINE ROUTES, MAPPING CHARTS AND DIRECTIONS to make marine navigational decisions. Maritime operators must make all decisions concerning the safe operation and navigation of their own vessel based upon their own maritime training and experience, and should consult with all local, state, and federal authorities for warnings, directives, cautions, and guidance.

NAVTOOL, BOATING TIMES HOLDINGS, LLC’S MARINE ROUTE-MAPPING SOFTWARE is for use by authorized licensees only. All disputes concerning the use of NAVTOOL, AND BOATING TIMES HOLDINGS, LLC MARINE ROUTE-MAPPING SOFTWARE must be settled by arbitration in Suffolk County in the State of New York before the American Arbitration Association or its equivalent (at the sole discretion and choice of NAVTOOL, AND BOATING TIMES HOLDINGS, LLC). Maximum liability for any claim or claims shall be limited to the amount paid by Licensee for the license to use and/or possess NAVTOOL, AND BOATING TIMES HOLDINGS, LLC MARINE ROUTE- MAPPING SOFTWARE. The attorneys’ and other fees, costs, time lost, and all expenses of any and all disputes which are incurred by NAVTOOL, AND BOATING TIMES HOLDINGS, LLC shall be borne by the Licensee initiating the claim and/or dispute, no matter the outcome of the arbitration. The Licensee shall hold NAVTOOL, AND BOATING TIMES HOLDINGS, LLC harmless from all third-party claims, and shall indemnify and be 100% responsible for any resulting claims, judgments, liens, lawsuits, attorneys’ and other fees, costs, time lost, and all expenses incurred by NAVTOOL, AND BOATING TIMES HOLDINGS, LLC in the defense of any third party actions.

Licensee states under penalty of perjury that she or he is eighteen (18) years of age or older and is an experienced maritime operator.

Licensee states, affirms, and agrees to the following: “I agree to be bound by all the terms, conditions, limitations, indemnifications and provisions of this End User Licensing Agreement and have signified my acceptance and consent by clicking on the NAVTOOL logo below and downloading any NAVTOOL route file(s).”

To view your route click on the NAVTOOL icon below only if you agree to the above statement.


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