Friday, February 23, 2018

Kids Unscramble

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                        1. eiatPrs is pirates 2. iphS is ship 3. ydiBahtr is birthday 4. Pyatr is Party 5. ltNaaciu is nauticaL. 6. accekspu is cupcakeS. 7. caek is cake 8. reoidosntac is decorations 9. osttaot is tattoos 10. islfgdho is goldfish

Launch a Nautical Birthday Party

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Searching for a birthday party theme? Want one that isn’t the same as everybody else’s party plan? How about a nautical-themed birthday party? Boatloads of decorating ideas and activities abound, making a nautical party one to remember. Search popular parent and party-planning sites and you’ll find plenty of ideas for a nautical party. Some sites […]