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The Adventures of Colin the Coastguard

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colin the coastguard 2Don’t be scared to be out on the water — there are people whose jobs are to protect us and keep us safe. Across the Atlantic Ocean, there’s a member of the Coastguard in the United Kingdom named Colin. He and his dog, Rocky, are the heroes in the town of Tideswell, because they make water safety their number one priority.

colin the coastguard 3Join the world of Colin and his dog, Rocky, by reading his seaside adventures in books by Catherine Shaw and illustrated by Steve Goodwin. The books include Colin Rescues Slippy, Frisky Falls Overboard, Mistie Goes Sailing, and Abbie is Stranded. The heroes have adventures like saving someone who falls overboard, helping a stranded whale back into the water, and aiding a cat who sneaks onto a yacht. Along with Rocky, Colin also has the help of his friends Chesil — the pilot for the search and rescue helicopter, Embers — the fire truck officer, Winch — the tugboat captain, Mrs. Sharma — the vet, and Goodwin — the lifeboat coxswain. They all work together to make sure everyone in and around the waters of Tideswell are safe.

colin the coastguard 4These intriguing books will definitely keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat. You’ll love the illustration with all the animals and sites along the sea. Note to parents: after reading these books alone or with you, kids will learn about water safety and making responsible decisions when they are near or on the water.

Along with the books — which are downloadable via Apple iBooks — there are plenty more activities on the Colin and Friends website: colinthecoastguard.com. Dress up the coastguards, make your own paper yacht, print coloring pages, take quizzes on the characters’ adventures, spot differences in pictures, do puzzles, connect the dots, and have fun with word searches!

By Melissa McMahon

A U.S. Coast Guard member reads Colin Rescues Slippy and more illustrations

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